To ensure the safety of our staff and community, we have minimized personnel in our shipping and customer service departments. You may experience delays in shipping/deliveries as a result.

We Ship as quickly as we can

We at Tilley ship our orders Monday to Friday (cutoff time 12pm EST). Orders are sent via FedEx Economy (3 – 5 business days). Please allow extra time during high volume periods, such as Free Shipping promos, the month of June, Black Friday, Cyber Monday & the month of December.

Shipping & Handling within USA

Please allow for longer shipping times during peak shipping periods such as Free Shipping promos, the month of June, Black Friday, Cyber Monday & the month of December.

Please note that the below shipping times are based on when your order leaves our warehouse.

$120.00 & more FREE FedEx Economy: (3 - 5 business days) - (No PO Box Delivery)
$0 - $119.99 $9.50  FedEx Economy: (3 - 5 business days) - (No PO Box Delivery)

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Any duties or taxes that may be levied against packages arriving from outside the destination country, as determined by local Customs and Immigration agencies, are the responsibility of the recipient. Before ordering, it is wise to check the duties and taxes that you may be subject to if you purchase from outside your country.

Shipping and Handling Internationally:

Estimated shipping times will vary during Covid-19 pandemic, depending on local postal service. For expedited shipping rates, please contact us at:

Andorra $45
Argentina $44
Armenia $50
Aruba $44
Australia $49
Azerbaijan $50
Bahamas $44
Bangladesh $47
Belize $44
Bosnia-Herzegovina $50
British Virgin Islands $44
Burkina Faso $50
Burundi $50
China $49
Colombia $44
Comoros $50
Congo, Republic of the $50
Cote d_Ivoire $50
Curacao (includes Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius) $44
Djibouti $50
Egypt $45
Faroe Islands $45
French Guiana $44
French Polynesia $47
Gabon $50
Georgia, Republic of $50
Greenland $45
Guadeloupe $44
Guinea $50
Guinea_Bissau $50
Hong Kong $44
Cote d_Ivoire (Ivory Coast) $50
Japan $49
Korea, Republic of (South Korea) $44
Kyrgyzstan $47
Liechtenstein $45
Macao $47
Macedonia, Republic of $50
Malaysia $47
Martinique $44
Mauritania $50
Moldova $50
Montenegro $45
Montserrat $44
Morocco $45
Namibia $50
New Caledonia $47
New Zealand $49
Oman $45
Reunion $44
Saint Pierre and Miquelon $50
San Marino $45
Senegal $50
Serbia $45
Singapore $47
Saint Maarten $44
Suriname $44
Swaziland $50
Taiwan $47
Tajikistan $47
Thailand $47
Tonga $47
Tunisia $45
Tuvalu $47
United Arab Emirates $45
The Holy See $45

Do You Plan to Ship to Canada or the UK

If you plan to ship in Canada, please visit our Canadian website. Shipping in the UK or Europe? Please visit our UK site.