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  1. TH103 Cotton Bucket Hat
    USD $68.00
  2. Woven Stretch Belt
  3. Woven Stretch Belt
  4. TA50 Multicoloured Woven Stretch Belt
    USD $40.00
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  6. TA50 Multicoloured Woven Stretch Belt
  7. Best Seller
    T3 Wanderer Hat
    USD $85.00
  8. Best Seller
    T4MO-1 Hiker's Hat
    USD $105.00
  9. Best Seller
    USD $90.00
  10. Best Seller
    USD $85.00
  11. LTM8 AIRFLO® Mesh
    USD $90.00
  12. LT5B Lightweight Nylon Hat
    USD $85.00
  13. TMH55 Mash-Up AIRFLO®
    USD $90.00
  14. Best Seller
    USD $85.00
  15. TWC7 Outback Waxed Cotton Hat
    USD $95.00
  16. LTM6 AIRFLO® MultiCam®
    USD $90.00
  17. TH5 Hemp Hat
    USD $85.00
  18. TBC1 Tec-Wool Ball Cap
    USD $85.00
  19. Best Seller
    WF72 Urban Safari Shirt
    USD $100.00
  20. NW15 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
    USD $100.00
  21. Best Seller
    NW16 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
    USD $120.00
  22. Best Seller
    WF70 Urban Safari Shirt
    USD $120.00
  23. Best Seller
    MA56 Women's Legends Carry-On Vest
    USD $150.00
  24. Best Seller
    MA55 Legends Outback Vest
    USD $189.00
  25. Best Seller
    MA11 Legends Roll-Up Pant
    USD $130.00
  26. Woven Stretch Belt
  27. TU30 Coolmax® Travel Briefs
    USD $25.00
  28. TU11 High Cut Travel Briefs
    USD $18.00
  29. TU10 Travel Briefs
    USD $18.00
  30. TA811 Travel Anklet Socks
    USD $15.00
  31. TA803 Travel Ankle Socks
    USD $15.00
  32. Best Seller
    TA800 Travel Socks
    USD $18.00
  33. Best Seller
    TA801 Walking Socks
    USD $24.00
We know the power of escaping into nature: that’s why every Tilley Hat is thoughtfully made with breathable, durable fabrics and an ultra-comfortable design, letting you enjoy the experience of hiking with every footfall. A maximum sun protection rating of UPF 50+ means less worry, plus a wind cord and secret pocket are always there for when you need them. Durable, washable waxed cotton and a timelessly rugged silhouette make the Tilley Outback Hat at home on a hike or a trendy urban locale. Like all Tilley Hats, it comes with the highest sun protection rating possible and is 100% made in Canada. Look no further than the Tilley Zip-Off Pants for the most versatile, dependable and comfortable bottoms you’ll ever slip into. Great for camping—or any kind of adventure—they dry overnight, protect from the elements, and of course, zip off into shorts when the temps rise. A must-have before embarking on any travel or trek. Discover more breathable and lightweight vests, shirts and pants ideal for hiking and camping in Tilley’s eboutique—and may the ‘forest’ be with you!