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  1. TH11 Hemp Sunhat
    USD $105.00
  2. TH9 Melanie Hemp Sun Hat
    USD $105.00
  3. TL119 Tahiti Straw Hat
    Sale Price USD $70.40 Regular Price USD $88.00
  4. TL117 Bali Straw Hat
    Sale Price USD $70.40 Regular Price USD $88.00
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  6. TOY1 Audrey Straw Sun Hat
    USD $105.00
  7. TL116 Cypress Straw Hat
    USD $88.00
  8. TH8 Charlotte Hemp Sun Hat
    USD $90.00
  9. TW104 Mahone
    Sale Price USD $84.00 Regular Price USD $120.00
At last, find protection from the elements without sacrificing great style. Tilley Broad Brim Hats offer the highest UPF 50+ sun protection rating and feature thoughtful details like removable sweatbands, temperature-controlling breathability, and even secret pockets to keep valuables safe while travelling. Enjoy the sunshine and look cinematically chic with Broad Brim Tilley Hats that are made in Canada and totally on-trend. Nothing frames a face as beautifully as the ’Old Hollywood’ Broad Brim Hat. Worn folded up or down, they’re great for sailing, touring, gardening and walking.