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  1. Women's Extra Fine Crewneck
    USD $120.00
  2. Multi Pocket Vest
    USD $220.00
  3. Women's Extra Fine V-Neck
    USD $120.00
  4. Women's Extra Fine Turtle Neck
    USD $120.00
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  6. Women's Jersey T-Shirt
    USD $55.00
  7. Women's Merino Crewneck Sweater
    USD $145.00
  8. Women's Plaid Brushed Flannel Shirt
    Sale Price USD $112.00 Regular Price USD $140.00
  9. NW15 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
    USD $100.00
  10. WF72 Urban Safari Shirt
    USD $100.00
  11. WF70 Urban Safari Shirt
    USD $120.00
  12. NW16 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
    USD $120.00
Feel great; look great. Shop chic and comfortable shirts and blouses that will top off your look with elegance and ease. Soft, premium-sourced fabrics offer 24-hour comfort for women on the go. You never stop—neither do Tilley tops! Breathability and moisture-wicking, anti-microbial properties make Tilley tops ideal for travelling, enjoying the outdoors, and lasting through long days in the city. Choose from gorgeous hues and prints—and flattering cuts for every shape. Discover short- and long-sleeve tops, blouses, shawls, sweaters, tailored shirts and more, mostly made in Canada with Tilley’s famous quality and attention to detail. For travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve specially designed lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and packable tops in fabrics that dry overnight. Tilley tops are truly all-occasion wardrobe staples.