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Gift Ideas for Her

Gift Ideas for Her

Choose quality over quantity with our top outdoor and travel picks for the avid traveller. Made in Canada and made to last through every adventure.

Gift Ideas for Her



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R2 Rebecca Straw Sun Hat

Whether in the garden, on the beach or on a patio, this poseable brim Rebecca Sun hat provides great sun protection.

Gift Ideas for Her



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BLLD1 Lillooet Dress

The hidden zippers in our Lillooet Dress, taper this travel dress to a sleeker look for business & dinners out and then can be unzipped another day for a fuller style.

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  1. R2 Rebecca Straw Sun Hat
    Special Price $67.50 Regular Price $90.00
  3. Best Seller
  4. TH8 Charlotte Hemp Sun Hat
  5. Best Seller
    TH9 Melanie Hemp Sun Hat
  6. Best Seller
  7. Best Seller
  8. Best Seller
    TWS1 Paddler's Hat
  9. Best Seller
    T4MO-1 Hiker's Hat
  10. Best Seller
    T3 Wanderer Hat
  11. Best Seller
    TTW2 Tec-Wool Hat
  12. Best Seller
    TWF1 Montana Fedora
  13. BLDJ1 Dawson Jacket
  14. BLCV1 Cranbrook Reversible Vest
  15. Best Seller
    MA56 Legends Carry-On Vest
  16. Best Seller
    TJ240 Jersey Shawl Collar Top
    Special Price $31.60 Regular Price $79.00
  17. BLMS1 Muskoka Top
    Special Price $70.00 Regular Price $100.00
  18. Best Seller
    OC302 Organic Cotton T-shirt
  19. Best Seller
    BS302 Crew Neck T-Shirt
    Special Price $48.30 Regular Price $69.00
  20. BLVT1 Victoria Shirt
    Special Price $60.00 Regular Price $100.00
  21. Best Seller
    WF72 Urban Safari Shirt
  22. BLQT1 Quadra Top
  23. Best Seller
    WF70 Urban Safari Shirt
  24. Best Seller
    NW16 Tech Airflo Shirt
  25. EZ478 Crinkle Cotton Mieke Shirt
  26. Best Seller
    TJ30 Jersey ¾-Sleeved Dress
  27. BLLD1 Lillooet Dress
  28. BLLS1-1 Laurier Midweight Skirt
  29. TJ18 Jersey Flip Skirt
  30. NB58 Multi Tech Sport Skirt
  31. Best Seller
    TJ04 Jersey In-Flight Pant
  32. Best Seller
    MA11 Legends Roll-Up Pant
  33. BLMP1 Montreal Pant
  34. Best Seller
    BLEC1 Ellesmere Capri
  35. Best Seller
    BLYS1 Yukon Short
  36. TU11 High Cut Travel Briefs
  37. TU30 Coolmax® Travel Briefs
  38. Best Seller
    TA801 Walking Socks


Can't decide on a Hat style? Our broad brim AIRFLO® Hat is our best-seller - so we figure we must be onto something!
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Give Tilley. Make Memories. Choose quality over quantity with our top outdoor and travel picks. We have hats to suit every occasion; whether you are headed out for a night on the town, a neighbourhoodstroll or the Serengeti. Our world famous hats are known for their, quality, durability & style. Many of our hats also carry a lifetime guarantee. When you give the gift of a Tilley hat, you give the gift of a lifetime of memories. Made to travel, our clothing is designed with careful attention to detail. We pick high quality fabrics with built-in benefits; so you can focus on the adventure instead of what you’re wearing. The gift of Tilley travel clothing is a gift of quality, over quantity. When you travel in Tilley, you can travel with less. Made in Canada and made to last through every adventure.