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  1. Unisex Merino Wool Walking Socks
    USD $24.00
  2. Unisex Travel Socks
    USD $18.00
  3. Unisex Travel Ankle Socks
    USD $16.00
  4. Women's Airflo Bikini
    USD $30.00
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  6. Women's Airflo Crop
    USD $40.00
  7. Women's Airflo Bralette
    USD $40.00
  8. Women's Comfort Bralette
    USD $32.00
  9. Women's Comfort Bikini (2 Pack)
    USD $32.00
  10. Women's Comfort Travel Bra
    USD $48.00
  11. Women's Comfort Cami Bra
    USD $28.00
  12. Women's Comfort High Waist Hipster (2 Pack)
    USD $34.00
  13. Women's Comfort 2 Way Tank
    USD $40.00
  14. Fox River® Approach Lightweight Crew
    Sale Price USD $9.00 Regular Price USD $18.00
  15. Fox River® Essential Lightweight
  16. TA803 Travel Ankle Socks
    USD $15.00
  17. TA800 Travel Socks
    USD $18.00
  18. TA801 Walking Socks
    USD $24.00
  19. TA811 Travel Anklet Socks
    USD $15.00
  20. TU11 High Cut Travel Briefs
    Sale Price USD $9.00 Regular Price USD $18.00
  21. TU10 Travel Briefs
    Sale Price USD $9.00 Regular Price USD $18.00
  22. TU30 Coolmax® Travel Briefs
    Sale Price USD $12.50 Regular Price USD $25.00
You wear them every day—so you may as well love them. Tilley socks are designed to be the most comfortable you’ve ever worn, with ribbed arch support, extra cushioning to absorb shock, and moisture-wicking, friction-free fabrics. With high-tech, premium-performance fibres, these socks are made to last while staying hole- and odour-free. Discover styles for travelling and everyday comfort, with several options that dry overnight and are guaranteed to stay hole-free for three years. Tilley’s oh-so comfortable underwear feels so good you’ll forget it’s there. Ultra-soft, sweat-defying fabrics will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wash n’ wear: these fast-drying undies will dry overnight for easy care while travelling. Great, flattering fits and durable fabric make Tilley underwear instant favourites for activities, travel, and everyday comfort.