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  1. Women's Comfort Bralette
    USD $32.00
  2. Women's Comfort Bikini (2 Pack)
    USD $32.00
  3. Women's Comfort Travel Bra
    USD $48.00
  4. Women's Comfort Cami Bra
    USD $28.00
  5. Women's Comfort High Waist Hipster (2 Pack)
    USD $34.00
  6. Women's Comfort 2 Way Tank
    USD $40.00
  7. Fox River® Keystone Lightweight
    USD $14.00
  8. Fox River® Approach Lightweight Crew
    USD $18.00
  9. Fox River® Women's Essential Lightweight
    USD $14.00
  10. Fox River® Outlander Heavyweight
    USD $13.00
  11. Fox River® Mirage Ultra Lightweight
  12. Fox River® Women's Raggler Heavyweight
    USD $16.00
  13. Fox River® Jasper Lightweight
  14. TA803 Travel Ankle Socks
    USD $15.00
  15. TA800 Travel Socks
    USD $18.00
  16. TA801 Walking Socks
    USD $24.00
  17. TA811 Travel Anklet Socks
    USD $15.00
  18. TU11 High Cut Travel Briefs
    Sale Price USD $14.40 Regular Price USD $18.00
  19. TU10 Travel Briefs
    Sale Price USD $14.40 Regular Price USD $18.00
  20. TU30 Coolmax® Travel Briefs
    Sale Price USD $20.00 Regular Price USD $25.00
Fashion meets function in stylish and smart Tilley accessories. Tilley bags are made in Canada with the modern woman in mind. Ultra-comfortable adjustable straps, plenty of room for day-long necessities, and lots of pockets make Tilley Bags ideal for travelling and everyday errands. Tilley bags are ready for adventure home and abroad. Tilley’s extra-adjustable belts are as chic as they are versatile, and look great looped in pants or cinched at the waist for a flattering style moment. Tilley socks and underwear are ultra-soft, breathable, and contoured to fit like dream. Once you try a pair of Tilley socks, you’ll never want to take them off! With Tilley accessories, every detail is carefully designed to complement your style with maximum function.