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  1. T3 Wanderer Hat
    USD $85.00
  2. FP227 Plaid Flannel Shirts
    Sale Price USD $45.00 Regular Price USD $115.00
  3. TOY4 Jackson Trilby Straw Hat
    USD $105.00
  4. Montana Fedora
    USD $135.00
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  6. TTW2 Tec-Wool Hat
    USD $100.00
  7. NW02 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
    USD $120.00
  8. NB30 Multi Tech Crusader Pants
    Sale Price USD $75.00 Regular Price USD $125.00
  9. NB29 Multi Tech Cargo Shorts
    USD $100.00
  10. TA493 Reversible Web Belt
    USD $72.00
Shop an array of classic-yet-modern Tilley Hats that will take your look to the next level and receive compliments every time you take them out on the town. Tilley Hats are on-trend without looking ‘trendy,’ and never sacrifice on comfort, durability or value. The Tilley Fedoras elevate every look with a touch of adventure and masculinity. Like all Tilley Hats, the Fedoras are handmade in Canada, with every detail accounted for, from a maximum UPF 50+ sun protection rating to their discreet secret pocket.