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  1. Fox River® Outlander Heavyweight
    USD $13.00
  2. Fox River® Mirage Ultra Lightweight
    USD $8.50
  3. Fox River® Approach Lightweight Crew
    USD $18.00
  4. Fox River® Jasper Lightweight
    USD $14.00
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  6. TA800 Travel Socks
    USD $18.00
  7. TA801 Walking Socks
    USD $24.00
Tilley socks and underwear are ultra-comfortable, super soft and impressively durable. Extra cushioning, high-performance materials, arch support, and moisture-escape panels are just some of the features that make Tilley socks favourites. Great for the office, travelling, touring or everyday wear, Tilley socks won’t slip or wrinkle in shoes and include a hole-free guarantee. Say goodbye to sore, achy feet with friction-free, shock-absorbing materials. Once you go Tilley, you’ll never go back. Our premium underwear is the ultimate in comfort and durability and every pair comes in sweat-defying, odour- and bacteria-resistant blends. Both socks and underwear are quick drying for overnight washes while travelling.