Where to Find Care Instructions & More

To start, always check the label your Tilley Hat to see if it is washable. Most Tilley Hats have their care instructions printed on the woven label in the crown. Care instructions are also found on each product page.

How to Care for a Washable Tilley Hat

Step 1: Check the label to make sure your Tilley Hat is washable.

Step 2: Machine-wash your Tilley Hat, delicate cycle preferred, separately, using warm or cool water. Or simply wash it by hand, gently using a scrub brush with any soap that DOES NOT contain bleach or any type of whiteners.

Step 3: While the Hat is damp, smooth and re-shape by hand, then set it out to air-dry. Do NOT put your Tilley in the dryer – it will come out misshapen and totally lacking in joie de vivre.

Step 4: When the Hat is dry, simply re-stretch it by putting your knee in the crown and pulling firmly on the opposite side. Then rotate the Hat over your knee and pull the opposite side(s). Although we pre-shrink all our fabrics, fabric will always contract then expand, as do denim jeans. Whenever you’d like the Hat a bit looser – on those hot, muggy days, for instance – take it off and give it a quick re-stretch.

How to Care for Non-Washable Tilley Hats

First, check the label for care instructions

If your Hat is hand-wash only, please wash in warm or cool water. Gently using a scrub brush with any soap that DOES NOT contain bleach or any type of whiteners.

If your Hat is spot wash only, use a soft, dampened cloth to clean soiled areas. Most spot clean only Hats have a removable sweatband that may be hand-washed in warm water and soap and then air-dried.

If your Hat is Dry Clean Only, please get it professionally cleaned.

How to Remove Sweat Stains

To best defense against sweat stains is frequent washing. Please wash your Tilley Hat regularly to keep sweat stains at bay. Sweat may also eventually rot the fabric, and it will disintegrate over time.

There is no universally applicable way of getting sweat stains out once they occur. Perspiration is composed of many chemicals, and the composition of each person’s sweat is unique. However some Tilley fans have success with Palmolive® dish detergent and warm, not hot, water. Once the Hat is wet, pour the detergent directly on the stained area and use a soft brush, even a toothbrush, to scrub the area. Rinse in cool water, reshape and let it air dry.

How NOT to Remove Sweat Stains

Do not bleach or use a detergent with any type of whitener. This will damage the fabric of your Hat and results can be very unpredictable. Bleaching a Tilley Hat will invalidate the Tilley Hat guarantee.

How to Stretch My Hat

When the Hat is dry, simply re-stretch it like an American sailor showed us, by putting your knee in the crown, and pulling firmly on the opposite side. Although we have mercilessly pre-shrunk the Hat, the cotton and hemp will always contract and expand, much like denim jeans.