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  1. Women's Extra Fine Crewneck
    Sale Price £63.00 Regular Price £90.00
  2. Multi Pocket Vest
  3. Women's Extra Fine V-Neck
    Sale Price £63.00 Regular Price £90.00
  4. Women's Extra Fine Turtle Neck
    Sale Price £63.00 Regular Price £90.00
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  6. Women's Jersey T-Shirt
  7. Women's Merino Crewneck Sweater
    Sale Price £77.00 Regular Price £110.00
  8. Women's Plaid Brushed Flannel Shirt
  9. BLWT1 Whistler Tec-Polo
    Sale Price £24.00 Regular Price £60.00
  10. NW15 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
  11. BLVT1 Victoria Shirt
    Sale Price £24.00 Regular Price £60.00
  12. NW16 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
Feel great; look great. Shop chic and comfortable shirts that will top off your look with elegance and ease. You never stop—neither do Tilley tops! Breathability and moisture-wicking, anti-microbial properties make Tilley tops ideal for travelling, enjoying the outdoors, and lasting through long days in the city. Discover short- and long-sleeve tops, all made in Canada with Tilley’s famous quality and attention to detail. For travellers and outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve specially designed lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and packable tops in fabrics that dry overnight. Tilley tops are truly all-occasion wardrobe staples.