Who made your hat


added the grommets to your hat

In less than a year Aliena will be celebrating her 30th anniversary at Tilley. She loves cooking, shopping and movies – all of life’s essentials!

What does your job involve?

“I make sure the eyelets are in the right place. It takes four different machines to put the grommets and snaps on. You have to know what goes where.”

What do you wish more people knew about Tilley hats?

“I wish people could see the seamstresses who make the hats. We work hard and as a team. Everyone comes together to do their part. We love our jobs!”

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Who made your hat


cut your hat

Tony is well known and liked at Tilley. He likes a good walk, loves his TV and adores all things Japanese.

What do you like most about working at Tilley?

“I love working with other talented, hard-working cutters. At the end of the day I love seeing the finished product. I feel like I’ve contributed to the protection of many heads in this world!””

How does it make you feel when you see someone in public wearing a Tilley hat?

“In a word: thrilled! We usually give the iconic Tilley “nod” to one another.”

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Who made your hat


sewed your hat

Jennifer’s worked at Tilley for going on 14 years. She’s an important part of the team here, and takes great pride in her work.

What do you wish more people knew about Tilley hats?

“That a lot of people put a lot of effort into making them. That they’re quality that lasts. That they’re stylish and functional. And that they’re from Canada.”

What is your favourite Tilley hat?

“I like the LTM6 - The Lighterweight Airflo Hat. It has a bigger brim, so it’s perfect for people who want to stay covered up!”

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Who made your hat


measured your hat

Bibi has been with Tilley for 27 wonderful years. She enjoys shopping, cooking and gardening while wearing her neat-fitting LTM5 Lighterweight Airflo Hat.

What does your job involve?

“I do a few different things. I measure the hats to make sure they fit perfectly. I cut the plastic for the rim. I steam. I’m part of quality control. I treasure my job and love what we do here. We make beautiful hats. The best in the world!”

How does it make you feel when you see someone in public wearing a Tilley hat?

“In 1996 I met a woman at Niagara Falls. We were both wearing Tilley hats and the conversation began effortlessly. I asked to see inside her hat and there was my number. Number One! I was the one who’d made her hat. I felt so proud to work for Tilley.”

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Hat Story

Made in Canada

Most people know they’re handmade, but it takes a lot more than one pair of hands to usher a legendary Tilley hat into the world.

In all, it takes 23 pairs of hands. 23 highly trained, skilled and caring craftspeople to follow a process first conceived by sailor Alex Tilley in 1980.

Over 30 years later we continue our quest to make the best in the world in Canada.