How to Claim your Hat Guarantee

Step 1: Assess your Tilley Hat:

If the reason for your return is due to normal wear and tear, faulty material or poor workmanship, please fill out a Hat Guarantee Claim Form.

Tip: You will need to include a personal cheque (or credit card number) to cover return postage or your new/repaired Hat

If the Hat shows damage from improper care or abuse (mold or mildew included), it will not be repaired or replaced. Colour fading, stains, grommet patina, frayed wind cords are all signs of a well-worn and well-loved Hat and do not signal a defective Hat.

Tip: If you think your Hat has experienced shrinkage, you can stretch it back by placing it over your knee and giving a good pull.

Step 2: Prep your Hat for return:

Please remove all personal items from the security pocket. Please wash your hat prior to sending it back to us. Once your Hat is completely dry, pack your hat carefully and mail it to address found on the Guarantee Claim form.

Print your Claim form here: Hat Guarantee Claim Form.

NEW! Worn out Tilley Hats returned for replacement will not be returned with your new one. We encourage you to take some time to appreciate all the memories you've made together & then get ready for new memories with your new Tilley.