Find the Tilley for You

We’re all drawn to Tilley for different reasons - but what unites us is our shared appreciation for nature and time spent outside. Our garments are designed to enhance and add joy and comfort to life outdoors.

In fact, some of our offerings were built with specific adventures and elements in mind. Take a look to see what calls to you.

The All-Arounder

Made for the most scrappy of adventures, these high-performance hats are extra durable and offer features that come in handy on the water, in strong wind, and in the heat.



For some of us, Tilleys are a part of our best childhood memories, and putting on a Tilley today keeps the traditions going. Our Heritage collection is  timeless, classic, and designed and made in Canada.


Urban Living

When style is the top priority, look no further than Tilleys made for city living. We offer protection from the elements – which is great for casual park picnics, patio moments, and quick trips to pick up take-out – while keeping sophistication front-of-mind with these beauties.



These hats will emerge from your beach bag or carry-on looking just as great as when you first packed them. Enjoy leisurely day trips with the protection you need from the elements – and a little extra security, too. Our travel hats feature a secret pocket in the crown where you can stow away ID, a bit of cash, and even your hotel key.



While a lot of our offerings could be considered athletic, the garments in this category include smart features designed with specific outdoor fun in mind. Golfers, fishers, ball players – take a look at what we’ve crafted just for you.



Enjoy the winter wonderland while keeping marvelously warm and dry. From toques and caps made with Merino and technical wool, to cozy, breathable sweaters, we offer style and function with the Canadian cold snap in mind.



Don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits. Durable and dependable water-repellent Tilley hats and garments were made for a bit of wet weather.



We all love a sun-filled day, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Thankfully, we have you covered. These hats and garments offer features like wide brims for extra shade, ventilation, and UPF 50-rated fabrics that can prevent sunburns.



Yours is a journey that considers the health and wellness of the planet first. As our eco-friendly offerings continue to grow, you can turn to our best-in-class options, including hats and apparel featuring recycled materials, organic cottons, and sustainable fibres like hemp, wools, and raffia.