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    Sale Price CAD $63.00 Regular Price CAD $90.00
  2. The Iconic T1
    CAD $85.00
  3. TP100 Polaris
    CAD $120.00
    CAD $90.00
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  6. R2 Rebecca Straw Sun Hat
    CAD $130.00
  7. T5MO Organic AIRFLO®
    Sale Price CAD $73.50 Regular Price CAD $105.00
  8. T5MO Organic AIRFLO®
    CAD $105.00
  9. LT5B Lightweight Nylon Hat
    CAD $90.00
  10. TOY4 Jackson Trilby Straw Hat
    CAD $125.00
  11. T5 Cotton Duck Hat
    CAD $90.00
  12. TSSB1 London Bucket Hat
    Sale Price CAD $60.00 Regular Price CAD $100.00
  13. TAF101 Algonquin
    Sale Price CAD $59.50 Regular Price CAD $85.00
  14. R11 Charlie Fedora Straw Hat
    CAD $130.00
  15. TMH55 Mash-Up AIRFLO®
    CAD $95.00
  16. TH5 Hemp Hat
    CAD $95.00
  17. TWC7 Outback Waxed Cotton Hat
    CAD $100.00
  18. TTW2 Tec-Wool Hat
    CAD $125.00
  19. TW107 Uptown Fedora
    CAD $125.00
  20. TMH Mountain Hat
    Sale Price CAD $84.00 Regular Price CAD $120.00
  21. TWF1 Montana Fedora
    CAD $150.00
Shop Tilley Medium Brim hats for total versatility, chic style, and maximum sun protection. With so many options to choose from, there’s a Tilley Medium Brim Hat for every season and occasion. Shop lightweight, breathable, packable, even ‘floatable’ hats with the highest-possible UPF 50+ sun protection rating. Tilley Medium Brim hats have it all, making them great options for hiking, travelling, outdoor pursuits and everyday wear. The classic Medium Brim Hat is a perennial favourite and we have styles that add a touch of that ‘movie star’ quality to any look. Choose from a range of both natural and high-tech fibres to suit your needs. Each Tilley Hat is uniquely designed for ultimate comfort, temperature control and durability through the seasons.