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Planning your next adventure? Shop Tilley for high-quality travel hats and lightweight travel apparel that take the guesswork out of packing, whether you’re embarking on a globetrotting journey or adventuring in your own backyard.

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CAD $95.00

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TH5 Hemp Hat

It may look like linen, but hemp is a durable, ‘tough as nails’ fabric that is well suited to our medium brim hat.

The features
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Quick Dry

Secret Pocket

T3 Wanderer Hat

T3 Wanderer Hat

Pre-washed to look like it's already journeyed 1000 kilometres, this snap up style is just waiting for the right adventurer to take it on 1000 more.

New color: Khaki, Burgundy & Pink
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    CAD $95.00
  2. TH103 Cotton Hat
  3. TL112 Flat Cap
    Sale Price CAD $34.00 Regular Price CAD $68.00
  4. TL113 Mash-up Flat Cap
    Sale Price CAD $34.00 Regular Price CAD $68.00
    CAD $90.00
  6. T3 Cotton Duck
    CAD $85.00
  7. T3 Wanderer Hat
    CAD $90.00
  8. T5 Cotton Duck Hat
    CAD $90.00
  9. LT5B Lightweight Nylon Hat
    CAD $90.00
  10. TMH55 Mashup AIRFLO®
    CAD $95.00
  11. LTM5 AIRFLO®
    CAD $90.00
  12. T5MO Organic AIRFLO®
    Sale Price CAD $63.00 Regular Price CAD $105.00
  13. T5MO Organic AIRFLO®
    CAD $105.00
  14. TH5 Hemp Hat
    CAD $95.00
  15. LTM8 AIRFLO® Mesh
    CAD $95.00
  16. LTM2 AIRFLO®
    CAD $90.00
  17. T4MO-1 Hiker's Hat
    CAD $115.00
  18. TOY4 Jackson Trilby Straw Hat
    CAD $125.00
  19. AD22 Waxed Cotton Backpack
    CAD $250.00
  20. TWC7 Outback Waxed Cotton Hat
    CAD $100.00
  21. R11 Charlie Fedora Straw Hat
    CAD $130.00
  22. TWS1 Paddler's Hat
    CAD $115.00
  23. TTW2 Tec-Wool Hat
    CAD $125.00
  24. TWF1 Montana Fedora
    CAD $150.00
  25. MA17 Legends Jacket
    CAD $275.00
  26. NP52 Excursion Vest
    CAD $289.00
  27. WF33 Urban Safari Bush Shirt
    CAD $140.00
  28. NW02 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
    CAD $140.00
  29. WF32 Urban Safari Bush Shirt
    CAD $160.00
  30. NW03 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
    CAD $160.00
  31. MA21 Legends Short
    CAD $160.00
  32. TE20A Classic Short
    CAD $140.00
  33. NB29 Multi Tech Cargo Shorts
    CAD $119.00
  34. UC21 11-Pocket Short
    CAD $160.00
  35. MA31 Legends Zip-Off Pant
    CAD $200.00
  36. MA30 Legends Crusader Pant
    CAD $180.00
  37. TE25A Classic Pant
    CAD $160.00
  38. TE26A Classic Sierra Pant
    CAD $160.00
  39. TA495 Reversible Web Belt
    CAD $85.00
  40. TA493 Reversible Web Belt
    CAD $85.00
  41. TA492 Reversible Web Belt
    CAD $85.00
  42. TU29 Coolmax® Travel Briefs
    Sale Price CAD $25.60 Regular Price CAD $32.00
  43. TU3 Travel Briefs
    Sale Price CAD $17.60 Regular Price CAD $22.00
  44. TU4 Travel Boxer Briefs
    Sale Price CAD $20.00 Regular Price CAD $25.00
  45. TU28 Coolmax® Travel Boxers
    Sale Price CAD $28.00 Regular Price CAD $35.00
  46. TA801 Walking Socks
    CAD $24.00
  47. TA800 Travel Socks
    CAD $18.00
  48. TA804 Travel Ankle Socks
    CAD $15.00
  49. KL02 Koola Neck Wrap
    CAD $23.00
  50. TCA Sun Protection Cape
    CAD $25.00
Expect more from your travel wear. It is possible to feel comfortable and look great as you explore the world and strike unforgettable moments off your bucket list. There’s so many things to think about while planning a trip, clothing shouldn’t be one of them. We offer travel shirts, pants, and accessories that are lightweight, packable, moisture-wicking and sophisticated-yet-stylish. From top to bottom, these versatile, wrinkle-resistant pieces will carry you from spectacular vistas and ancient ruins to al fresco dinners at the local-favourite bistro. There’s no need to head back to the hotel or weigh down your luggage with unnecessary clothing items that will only be worn once. Plenty of hidden and zippered pockets are perfect for storing passports, credit cards and hotel keys: helping you to relax and enjoy the moment—or the sunset. Tilley’s world-famous travel Hats are lightweight, rain repellant, breathable, block 98% of the sun’s rays, and most are 100% guaranteed to last for life. They simply couldn’t get any better, as customers say. Clever details like secret pockets, ventilation, and discreet wind cords make all the difference for on-the-go travel. Made-in-Canada travel Hats, tops, pants and more mean that you can feel good about purchasing dependable clothing that won’t wear down halfway through a trip. Travel with Tilley—and love every moment.