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  1. T4MO-1 Hiker's Hat
    CAD $115.00
  2. TH103 Cotton Bucket Hat
    Sale Price CAD $46.80 Regular Price CAD $78.00
  3. T3 Wanderer Hat
    CAD $90.00
  4. TWS1 Paddler's Hat
    CAD $115.00
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    CAD $95.00
  7. T5MO Organic AIRFLO®
    Sale Price CAD $63.00 Regular Price CAD $105.00
  8. T5MO Organic AIRFLO®
    CAD $105.00
    CAD $90.00
  10. MA21 Legends Short
    CAD $160.00
  11. MA30 Legends Crusader Pant
    CAD $180.00
With an impressive maximum rating of UPF 50+, Tilley Hats give you peace of mind wherever your adventures take you. Say goodbye to squinting with anti-glare fabric under brims and keep hands and arms free and untethered with clever hidden pockets for valuables. Moisture-wicking, lightweight fabrics and ultra-comfortable headbands make Tilley Hats an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Anyone for golf? Don’t get caught at tee time without your Tilley Hat. Cool, comfortable, moisture-wicking, and virtually impossible to destroy, Tilley Hats are a long-time favourite of amateur and pro golfers alike. A maximum UPF 50+ rating and high-tech fabrics keep out 98% of the sun’s rays so you can stay cool under pressure and come in under par. Smartly-sized brims won’t obstruct vision as you swing and wind cords will keep your hat on when the fairway gets windy. When it comes to golf, Tilley is your ace-in-the-hole.