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  1. TTW2 Tec-Wool Hat
    CAD $125.00
  2. Extra Fine Merino Toque
    CAD $48.00
  3. TWF1 Montana Fedora
    CAD $150.00
  4. Merino Toque
    CAD $58.00
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  6. Merino Pocket Toque
    CAD $58.00
  7. Merino Stripe Toque
    CAD $58.00
  8. Organic Cotton Toque
    CAD $42.00
  9. Organic Stripe Cotton Toque
    CAD $42.00
  10. TW107 Uptown Fedora
    CAD $125.00
  11. TDBC3 Dillon Ball Cap
    CAD $90.00
  12. TMH Mountain Hat
    CAD $120.00
  13. TWCC Woodland Cadet Cap
    CAD $100.00
  14. TW103 Downtown Fedora
    Sale Price CAD $78.00 Regular Price CAD $130.00
  15. TBC1 Tec-Wool Ball Cap
    Sale Price CAD $70.00 Regular Price CAD $100.00
  16. TW104 Mahone
    Sale Price CAD $91.00 Regular Price CAD $130.00
Take winter weather in stride with stylish and practical Tilley winter Hats and Toques. Our made-in-Canada winter hats are extra warm, comfortable and durable to protect you from harsh northern climes. Shop wind- and rain-repellent styles, hats featuring tuckaway earwarmers for ultimate versatility in the great outdoors or on urban adventures. Moisture-wicking properties and special technical fabrics that adjust to the temperature make Tilley hats ideal for snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, trekking and other winter activities.