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  1. Airflo Undershirt
    CAD $40.00
  2. BS313 Henley
    Sale Price CAD $49.00 Regular Price CAD $98.00
  3. Men's Plaid Brushed Flannel Shirt
    CAD $140.00
  4. UC21 11-Pocket Short
    CAD $160.00
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  6. Heritage Long Sleeve Shirt
    CAD $160.00
  7. Men's Merino Crewneck Sweater
    CAD $145.00
  8. Heritage Ranger Short
    CAD $140.00
  9. Heritage Ranger Pant
    CAD $160.00
  10. Heritage Chino Pant
    CAD $160.00
  11. Men's Solid Brushed Flannel Shirt
    CAD $140.00
  12. Men's Crewneck T-Shirt
    CAD $55.00
  13. Men's Extra Fine Turtle Neck
    CAD $120.00
  14. Men's Extra Fine V-Neck
    CAD $120.00
  15. Men's Extra Fine Crewneck
    CAD $120.00
  16. Heritage Utility Pant
    CAD $160.00
  17. Multi Pocket Vest
    CAD $220.00
  18. MA17 Legends Jacket
    CAD $275.00
  19. WF33 Urban Safari Bush Shirt
    CAD $140.00
  20. NW02 Tech AIRFLO® Shirt
    CAD $140.00
  21. WF32 Urban Safari Bush Shirt
    CAD $160.00
  22. MA21 Legends Short
    CAD $160.00
  23. TE20A Classic Short
    CAD $140.00
  24. TE25A Classic Pant
    CAD $160.00
  25. TE26A Classic Sierra Pant
    CAD $160.00
  26. MA31 Legends Zip-Off Pant
    CAD $200.00
  27. MA30 Legends Crusader Pant
    CAD $180.00
  28. NB29 Multi Tech Cargo Shorts
    CAD $119.00
  29. NB30 Multi Tech Crusader Pants
    Sale Price CAD $75.00 Regular Price CAD $149.00
  30. NP52 Excursion Vest
    CAD $289.00
  31. T1 Wool Bucket Hat
    CAD $120.00
  32. The Iconic T1 Bucket Hat
    CAD $85.00
  33. T3 Cotton Duck
    CAD $85.00
  34. Everything Functional T-Shirt
    CAD $40.00
  35. MM229 Moisture Management Shirt
    Sale Price CAD $59.00 Regular Price CAD $119.00
  36. FP227 Plaid Flannel Shirts
    Sale Price CAD $49.00 Regular Price CAD $99.00
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