Hats for Adventure Hats for Adventure

The right equipment for the right job is how you get the most out of your travel
experiences. And that goes for your hat, as well as the rest of the gear.

Choose among the best travel hats for men & women, the hat that
makes sense for your next trip.



Whether you’re preparing for a road trip across Canada or plunging into an African safari, there are several features that will make your travel hat best for the journey. In general, you’ll want a hat with a high UPF fabric rating, an all-around brim & built-in water repellency. When you’re on the road, be prepared to roll out rain or shine. The water-resistant LTM6 Airflo® (our best-selling hat) provides these features plus it also has a secret pocket because it’s always good practice to have a little cash tucked away for an emergency. Plus, it's washable, quick to dry & easy to pack.




A great beach hat has two main elements: style & sun protection. There's nothing worse than coming home from a day at the beach with a sun-burned nose! To help protect against that, we make all our beach hats from fabric with a UPF 50+ sun protective rating. We also offer a variety of brim sizes & classic hat silhouettes for all types of sun-seekers. Made from tea-stained Madagascar raffia, our broad brimmed R11 Charlie Fedora is a great hat for beach adventures. The “tea-stained” is a technique given to create a rich tone to highlight its fibres. The wide brim helps keep your face protected from the sun rays while the moisture-wicking sweatband helps to keep you cool & comfortable. Plus, we even put in a handy pocket in the crown to keep currency or a key card secure. Stay protected from the sun in style no matter where your adventures take you.




Some adventures are more...relaxed. If wandering through marketplaces, museums & city streets is more your pace, then you want a hat that suits a casual vibe but still provides the sun protection you need. Our classic styled TOY4 Jackson Trilby Straw Hat provides options for styling while keeping you sun safe. Keep things traditional by having the front of the brim bent down & the back up, or you can mix it up with the brim up all around or down all around. It’s your look – own it!




The best camping hats must be water resistant, protect from the sun & keep you cool. It also helps if it is durable & can double up as a ground cushion, or a transport for wild berries (just be sure it is safe before eating). Our T3 Wanderer Hat is a popular style because it can do all that, & more. Plus, the extra ventilation around the crown helps keep you cool as you move about camp or head down the trails for a quick walk before building a campfire. The T3 Wanderer has a relaxed style, pre-washed for a worn look, we call this technique an enzyme wash. This style looks like it's already been on many a camping trip & will last you for many, many more. Made from tough 100% cotton duck, this hat is great for all your camping adventures. The fabric - same fabric blend as sail cloth - is certified UPF 50+ & also treated with a rain repellent finish to keep you protected; rain or shine. Our wind cord system keeps your hat in place so be sure to use it while working over the campfire! And like most of our Tilley hats, it's guaranteed for life.




When you’re on the move, it’s important to keep cool & protected from the sun & the rain. It also helps to have a wide brim to shade your eyes from the sunny tree breaks & hilltops. When we heard from our hikers that they found our hat warm for hiking, we built a cooling system right into our broad brimmed T4MO-1 Hiker’s Hat. Designed with lots of features for the trail, our Hiker's hat is a must-have for trekkers. Our innovative evaporation cooling insert, powered by HyperKewl™, relieves heat stress during treks. Simply soak the insert in cool water, wring & insert into the pocket at the top of the hat & hike in comfort.




While a hat may not be the first piece of gear people reach for, it can really make the difference on a fishing expedition. A good quality hat will keep you warm, dry & protected from both sun, rain & bugs. Our T3 Cotton Duck may seem like a sailing style hat; however, it is so much more. We’ve been making this hat for over 30 years. This snap up Cotton Duck hat is generally considered an on-the-water style, however the origin of it is from the army. The side snaps were designed for soldiers who needed the brim out of the way when firing their rifles. Now the snap up sides also offer extra stability in windy conditions on the water. The fabric is DWR and grommets offer extra ventilation, so rain or shine, you can keep trying to catch the "big one".

Whether on sea, or on land, this hat will keep you protected from the sun & rain.




While you’re paddling, your hat can make all the difference, as it is often your only chance to secure some shade & stay cool. Our best paddling hat is the TWS1 Paddler’s Hat – designed for your needs. The fabric is certified UPF 50+, the broad brim protects from sun & rain while the grommets & back vent provide extra ventilation. The extra wiring & stiff front brim, along with the option of side snaps, gives great wind stability when needed. The sweatband is ready to wick moisture away & the fabric itself is Schoeller® with a c_change® membrane to regulate temperature. It also floats (of course). After all, is a day on land a day wasted?



The thing to remember is that no matter which activity you’re about to embark on from a hunting & fishing adventure to lounging on the beach or meandering into town, there is a hat for you. By investing in a quality hat, you know it will have the features necessary to protect from the weather & the durability to last you a lifetime.

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