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T3 Invictus Hat & Cap

Official Merchandise of the 2017 Invictus Games! $5 of this purchase goes to True Patriot Love Foundation, a charity focused on supporting Veterans and their families. Let the Toronto 2017 games begin!

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Suggested for Bruce Springsteen

TWF1 Montana Fedora

Our Montana Fedora is a collaboration of function (ear warmers) & style (check out that leather hat band!).

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Suggested for Meghan Markle

TOY1 Toyo Women’s Hat

If you could hold our eye-catching Toyo Hat in your hands, you would be amazed to find out it is actually made from paper derived from rice.

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Suggested for Alessia Cara

24088 Merino Toque

Mix it up! Our soft, comfy & warm merino wool Toque comes in an array of colours.

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Suggested for Kelly Clarkson

TOY4 Jackson Hat

Sun protection never look so good! Modelled on a stingy brim Trilby, our Jackson Hat is a must have summer style for outdoor enthusiasts.

Coming Spring 2018

Our Story

Our Story

In 1980, frustrated that he couldn’t find a worthwhile sailing Hat, Alex Tilley decided to oversee the creation of some proper Hats for himself and other Toronto sailors, as a mid-winter’s hobby.

The Hat had to float, stay on, be unsinkable, last indefinitely and look attractive. Alex received design advice from milliner, information about materials from a sail-maker and then oversaw its manufacture.

Over the next few years, his hobby became a small business. In 1984, he established Tilley Endurables as a fledging mail order company in Toronto and began creating travel specific clothing along with Hats. Over 30 years later we continue our quest to make the best in the world, right here in Canada.