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Why Travel Clothing

Why we're passionate about travel clothing?

Travel is about seeing a new place, experiencing life from a different perspective, trying a local dish, making new friends, experiencing a random moment. Tilley's are designed and engineered for travel, so you are ready for the unexpected turn in the road ahead.

Tilley performance features include:

Versatility - items with multiple options

Lightweight - for light packing and multiple mix and match opportunities

Breathable, moisture-wicking - maximize comfort in hot environments or while engaging in active pursuits. Plus they'll dry quickly when caught in an unexpected rainstorm

Stretch for comfort

Many pockets - store phone, glasses, boarding passes, maps for hands-free travel

Secure valuables and deter pick pockets - use Velcro®, zippered and hidden secret pockets

Strength and durability - some are even guaranteed for life not to wear out

Wrinkle-resistant and Packable - roll them up and go

Wash 'n' wear - wash them in your hotel sink and hang to air dry overnight

UPF Certified - sun protection built into the fabric