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The Tilley Guarantee

We pride ourselves on making the finest outdoor hats and travel clothing in the world and treating our clients in the fairest way possible. If there is a problem caused by poor workmanship or faulty material, please send your freshly washed garment to us and we'll repair or replace the garment free - whatever's fair. Exclusions: normal wear and tear and damage caused by misuse or improper care.

Our Classic Weight Adventure Cloth Classic Shorts, VOMP (Vest-Of-Many-Pockets) and all jackets, pants, vests, shorts and skirts in Different Drummer Legends will be REPLACED FREE IF THEY EVER WEAR OUT. 'Wearing out' means rubbing a hole through an item through abrasion. If it rips (it could happen) we will repair it as economically as possible for you. If the zipper breaks or such, send the item back to us and we'll gladly repair it for you.

Tilley Socks are guaranteed 'all-holes-barred' for 3 years. Please send us your worn-out item for a new replacement. If you are returning socks, please return both socks in the pair for replacement. To claim under the sock policy – send your 3-year sock certificate, (which should be in the left side of your bottom dresser drawer, if you followed Alex Tilley’s advice) OR send us a valid proof-of- purchase (which can be, either, a copy of the original sales, a copy of the credit card statement with purchase circled – Please be sure you block out your credit card number.

For details on our Guaranteed for Life policy for our Hats and Caps please refer to World’s Best Hats Guaranteed and Insured.

How do I get a replacement under the guarantee policy?

Be sure to include a note with your Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address. Mail it to us with a cheque for or the type, the number and expiry date of your credit card to cover the shipping cost and we'll replace it FREE.

Please wash and dry your item before sending in for guarantee replacement.


The shipping cost - $8.50 (US clients) or $25.00 USD (International clients)


Mail both socks in the pair.
The shipping cost - $3.00 (US clients) or $5.00 US (International clients)

In the USA mail to:

Tilley Endurables
Attn: Returns
3176 Abbott Road, Bldg. A
Orchard Park, New York
14127 U.S.A.

Questions? Contact us at 1-800-363-8737 or email us at