Tilleys make great travel companions.
and explore
Long-sleeved Shirtdress in Tencel
Tilley Town Hat in raffia
Moisture-wicking, quick-drying Sport Shirt,
Tilley Organic Cotton Airflo
They pretty much take care of themselves.
Tilleys are wrinkle- and stain-resistant, and some
are even anti-bacterial – but all are pro-adventure!
They’ll usually dry overnight if you wash them in
your hotel sink. That leaves more time to savour
the moments and share your stories!
They’re flexible to a change of plans (or weather).
Because you travel light, you’ll want Tilley pieces
that do double-duty. A lightweight dress can take
you from day tour to fancy dinner. If it rains, shorts
convert into pants and vests turn back into jackets in
a few quick zips.
They make you feel and look good.
You want items designed for the
rigours of travel but comfortable
enough to wear every day. Tilleys
offer all that, plus classic style and
impeccable taste.
They’re proudly Canadian.
Tilley Hats
and clothing are made right here in
Canada, from start to finish. So you’ll
be wearing a piece of home wherever
you go in the world. Some even come
with a lifetime guarantee: Replaced
free if they ever wear out.
They have sun smarts and street smarts.
Even if you bring sunscreen, it’s good to
have extra protection. Most Tilleys have
excellent UPF (Ultraviolet Protection
Factor) ratings. Tilley bottoms and jackets
even have a secret pocket to keep your
valuables safe.
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