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We recently gave both sons a gift to
celebrate our family business. Hugh
received a Tilley Shoulder Bag and
Ben got a Vest. We were surprised
later that evening to receive an
email showing how Hugh had put his
shoulder bag to good use. His 5-week-
old daughter, Sasha, was the first (and
most important) item placed in his
shoulder bag! Many people have seen
the picture. They make 2 comments.
The first is, “How cute!” Then they
ask, “Where did you get that bag?”
Tom Newell,
Niagara Falls, Ontario
You once published me wearing a Tilley
Hat on a camel in front of the pyramids. I
am wearing the same hat ten years later
in this rather unconventional shot taken
at Machu Picchu in April. The same hat
also travelled to the Antarctic on an ice-
breaker owned by Nova Scotia’s Karlsen
Shipping. We sailed into an active vol-
cano at Deception Island and visited the
British base at Port Lockroy which my
great uncle used to supply in the 1940’s!
George Burden, Elmsdale, Nova Scotia
“Aussie Style” hats have
become popular at the
gliderport in the last several
years. The Tilley, I would
argue, is the best of them.
The brim is just long enough
to go over my sunglasses,
but still long enough to keep
the sun off my neck and ears. I like how the green underside
reduces glare. It’s comfortable, well made, and in my opinion
very good looking. I do point out that the Tilley Hats are a
little on the expensive side, but considering their quality and
timelessness, they are an affordable luxury.
This picture was taken of me and a friend just before his first
flight in a Blanik L-23 glider at Caesar Creek Soaring Club in
Waynesville, near Cincinnati.
Bill Hunt,
Liberty Township, Ohio
My father-in-law gave me this TIlley Hat about a year ago. I just wanted you guys
to know it’s the best hat I’ve ever had. I wear it almost every day at home while
gardening or walking the dogs. It also gets to more exotic locations every now and
then. Here it is in the Atacama desert at 18,000 feet elevation beside the Atacama
Cosmology Telescope.
Eliza Thornton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I bought 2 pairs of Tilley Travel
Briefs at the start of 2012
and have used them all year.
I work as an expedition leader
– and as baggage weight is an
issue, I was drawn to the “dries
overnight” wording. And I’ve got
to say, I’m impressed! These
have been washed in the sinks
of boutique hotels while working
in the Dolomites, stood up to
the intense humidity of Ghana,
kept important parts warm at
5,500m in the Indian Himalayas,
been cleaned in the ocean in
Morocco, been laundered in
Singapore, been washed in a
ditch in Cambodia and kept me
cool in the jungles of Vietnam.
And most important of all, been
soaked through while working
at home in the mountains of the
Lake District!
Mark Walker via Facebook
J u s t wan t ed t o
let you know my
girlfriend and I took
your new Camo
Hat and Hemp Hat
to Ecuador and
they helped to keep
the Tungurahua
Volcano ash out
of our faces when
the wind blew in
our direction. You
should rate them
as APF 50+ too!
Tony & Braiden
Lippi, Panama
Hat Co. of
St. Augustine,
Florida. Photo by
Cat Lippi.
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