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We’ve taken over 30 years of experience, mixed in your great input
and added a new Fall lineup that works amazingly well with the
classic styles you’ve come to love and trust. It’s one of our greatest
collections yet! Discover exciting colours, patterns, functionality
and adaptability – all Canadian-made with care and persnicketiness.
In this catalogue we have profiled many of our new styles. You will
still find our classics in our stores and online.
Tilley Hats and travel clothing are the best made and most practical
in the world. They’re designed and engineered for the rigours of your
travels, so they’re strong, yet comfortable. Most are sun-protective,
yet if you are caught in a rain storm they’ll dry swiftly. They’ll usually
dry overnight if washed in your hotel room. No ironing required.
Pity the pickpockets; the secret pockets are virtually impossible to
pick. One less travel worry!
I invite you to visit one of our stores or visit us online and discover
our complete collections from the comfort of your own home. And
be sure to Like our Facebook page. It’s a great place to share your
travel stories and get the inside scoop on the latest Tilley news.
Visit us
ONLINE to see our full collection.
ArE ALwAYs In sTOCk!
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