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“ Over fifteen years ago I purchased two pair of men’s Blue and Beige Tilley Shorts. I have shorts from other makers that have already been retired to the ‘Happy Hunting Grounds For Worn Out Shorts’. Not so with my Tilley Shorts! The shorts look as good today as the day I made the purchase. And did I mention that the shorts fit as well today as when I first wore them? The shorts surely are endurable and I guess so am I since the shorts still fit.”


Lake Orion , Michigan
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Words from Alex...

"The Bush Shirt was one of the first items we made. It’s unchanged since 1984, except for the angled corners of the pockets which, formerly squared, used to curl up.

Here’s what isn’t described under the photo: Borrowing ideas from the shirts of the Canadian, US, and Cuban armies, you’ll find:

Epaulettes that are sewn down about half way, so a camera strap rides over the indented part of your shoulder;

Anti-bug gussets in the sleeve openings to stop Canadian mosquitoes and black flies; you can see one sticking out in the photo.

Good-sized elbow patches to give even greater longevity to your Bush Shirt.

The method of sewing, the strength of the thread, and material, mean the Shirt may (darn it) outlast me."

Tropical Blend Long-Sleeved Bush Shirts

Item #UL32
These lightweight, long-sleeved Tilley Shirts are designed with two expansion-pleated chest pockets with flaps, hidden tabs to keep the sleeves neatly rolled-up and back-pleats for ease of movement. Fabric contains H2OUT® and Fresh3™ properties.
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    • H2OUT® moisture management with built-in soil release wicks away wetness and discourages tough stains
    • Fresh3™ anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatment helps keep material fresh during long days
    • Regular collar
    • Epaulettes designed to keep your camera safe
    • Two expansion-pleated chest pockets with flaps and button-closures
    • Elbow patches for protection and durability
    • Hidden tabs to keep the sleeves rolled up neatly
    • Two buttons on cuffs and anti-bug gussets at the wrist
    • Back-pleats for ease of movement


    • Made from lightweight 65% polyester and 35% cotton poplin containing H2OUT® (moisture management) and Fresh 3™ (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatment).
    • Fabric certified “EXCELLENT” UV protection, rated UPF 50+, the maximum rating given, in Navy colour and rated UPF 40 in Khaki colour. Ivory and White colours certified “VERY GOOD” UV protection, rated UPF 35.
    • This fabric has been tested and certified as providing excellent ultraviolet protection. For more information on sun protection and the fabric testing please see: A Fashionable Defense- Sun Protection from Head to Toe.


    • Wash 'n' Wear. Air-dries overnight. Only the fussiest would iron. Tilley clothing benefits from being smoothed out and drip-dried on hangers after being hand washed.
    • Machine wash cold or hand wash cool. Machine dry low or smooth out wrinkles while damp and hang to dry. Do not wring. If desired, iron using a low setting. To maintain the H2OUT® properties in the fabric: do not bleach and do not use fabric softeners. If washing with other items, wash with like colours.

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