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“ I was able to wear my newly acquired Tilley Shirt all day in Mexico, wash it in the shower with shampoo, dry it over the dehumidifier on a lamp in the hotel room in about 10 minutes (the cuffs and collar were a little damp) and wear it out for dinner. The AdventureCloth Pleated Pants dry overnight on a skirt hanger without fail. The Tilley Hat (I acquired it 10 years ago) is a great place to stash my room key card and cash when I’m not wearing much else. I am truly impressed with your clothing! Mexico is quite the time too!”


Aurora , Ontario

Travelon® RFID ID Holder

Item #TA451
Effectively blocks RFID (Radio-frequency identification) readers. Travel documents and ID hang securely around your neck.
Note: Many credit card/debit cards and driver's licenses contain RFID chips with personal data. These items prevent unauthorized access to your personal information from outside scan readers.
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    • Effectively blocks RFID (Radio-frequency identification) readers
    • Hangs from neck
    • Adjustable neck cord; to maximum length of 28"
    • Fold-over front flap snaps
    • Closed size: L 5 1/2" x W 5"


    • Ballistic Nylon with leather trim

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