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“I spent 27-years travelling to and teaching in every community in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and the only clothes that survived were Tilley.”


Gooderham , Ontario

Travel Tank Top

Item #TU23
Price: $22.00 USD
Our fast-drying and sweat defying Tilley travel tank is a cool-weather garment. It helps keep you warm, practically taking the place of a lightweight wool sweater. Wash in a hotel sink and hang to dry by morning! Unisex style.
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    • Stain, odour and bacteria resistant fabric
    • Dries fast - wash at night, it`s dry in the morning
    • Electrostatic wicking action speeds evaporation
    • Lightweight and long-wearing - it keeps its shape and appearance


    • Made from 100% polyester.
    • Stain, odour and bacteria resistant. It will keep its shape and appearance longer than traditional cotton.


    • No special-care required, simply wash and wear, or hand-wash in a hotel sink, twist in a towel and hang to dry. Ready to wear by morning.

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