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“While hanging out at the hotel pool with my dad (both of us wearing Tilley), I noticed that the beer was getting warm. My dad got up to get ice, but couldn’t find any buckets so he improvised and used his Tilley. The Tilley Airflo® Hat had ample room to carry more than enough ice and the mesh worked well to let the excess water run out. Best of all, after dumping the ice in the cooler, the Tilley was nice and cool when back on his head. Maybe this is not your normal deep jungle solution, but not that shabby for urban lazy guys.”


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'Underwear with a Grin' Travel Briefs

Item #TU5
Price: $20.00 USD
Two pairs will take you around the world! Fast-drying and sweat-defying, they will neither chafe nor bind. These travel briefs 'with a grin' feature a horizontal opening that is fast to find and easy to use. They wick away perspiration better than cotton to keep you cooler and drier in the summer and warmer in the winter. One pair per package.
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    • Horizontal 'Grin' opening that is fast to find and easy to use
    • Stain, odour and bacteria resistant fabric
    • Dries fast - wash at night, it's dry in the morning
    • Wicking action speeds moisture away.
    • Lightweight and long-wearing - it keeps its shape and appearance
    • Secret pocket? Sorry guys, we tried


    • Made from 100% polyester.
    • Stain, odour and bacteria resistant. It will keep its shape and appearance longer than traditional cotton.


    • No special-care required, simply wash and wear, or hand-wash in a hotel sink, twist in a towel and hang to dry. Ready to wear by morning.

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  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    A GREAT Set of TW's (Tightee-Whiteys)!!

    The previous Reviewer complained about the design of the Fly. Well, I rather find this Fly's design, to be almost EXACTLY like Munsingwear's Signature Kangaroo Pouch, very safe and secure. I guess the same sorts of people, may also have the same issues, with Y-Fronts, too; oh, well. And all elastics have plenty of spring, to help hug a bod, "family jewels", and, legs, exactly as required. With all of THAT said, these are ASTONISHINGLY soft!! So much so, you guys ought to be forewarned that SHE might raid your undies drawer(Laughs!!)!! They resemble very much, in their softness and texture, some of those chi-chi Euro-Undies that are FAR MORE EXPENSIVE, than these--another reason to get these Tilleys. I shouldn't worry too much about "Fabric/Elastics Recovery", with repeated washings, DRYINGS, and, wearings, if I were you; and, believe you me, these will get SUCCESSIVELY SOFTER, as time goes on. Finally, about the drying. One could conceivably use these as swim briefs, as they'll dry fast and comfortable enough, for extended land activities, before you go back into the water, though, I wouldn't exactly recommend using these for swimming, as this particular fabric is quite sheer, quite see-through when wet--never mind when they're dry--so, perhaps at some point, you folks at Tilley's might do some research into someday making and selling Swimming Attire, with a thicker and more modest, yet similar fabric??

    Stuart Anthony ( Walnut Creek, California, United States )

  • Rating:
     ( .5 )

    The Worst Undewear I have Ever Owned

    I have been satisifed with everthing I have purchased from Tilley - except this underwear. Although the fabric is confortable and dries much quicker than the CoolMax, the fly is an incredibly poor design. It seems that the designer is either not male or has never worn pants. I guess they call it the underwear with a grin because the joke is on you if you buy it. Of course, you can't get your money back once it leaves the store. #fail

    Tom Moreau ( , , )