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"Back from an extraordinary trip to Zambia. The hat was fantastic. It was well over 40 degrees and we were out in direct sun from dawn to dusk. A number of people nearly passed out! My now much loved Tilley will feature a lot in the final film. So a huge thank you. I will be taking it on my next filming trip in a few weeks time to Australia to dissect a red kangaroo, a camel and a cassowary All the best and thanks again."

Mark Evans BVetMed MRCVS - Jungle TV

Via e-mail , UK
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Where do I hide my money when we go away? Some in my pants' secret pocket along with my passport; but the main stash goes into my money belt. Here's how:

I fold a pile of 6 US$50 bills in thirds lengthwise, so I end up with a stack an inch wide, 1/8" thick, by about 6" long. I slide this stack into the zippered secret compartment at the back of the belt. I then insert 3 more such packs. Now I have (6 X 4) 24 bills hidden away. Nobody can see the money and it's handy to get at.

Money Belt for Men

Item #TA74
Price: $65.00 USD
A hidden nylon zipper inside the money belt to conceal currencies and keys.
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    • 100% full grain Leather, made in Canada
    • 1 1/4" wide
    • Hidden inside full lenght nylon zipper
    • Nickel free brushed finish buckle


    • Full grain leather
    • Brushed nickel free buckle
    • Nylon zipper

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