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The most incredible Hat I (or anyone I have ever known), have bought. It has style, quality, durability, and is just plain cool.


Galt , California
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Words from Alex...

"When I worked on the INTREPID, I tried to picture how I, who am sometimes lazy, would close it.

AHAH: If I used the two front straps, I’d probably use only the holes closest to the flap – let’s make those holes double-sized, so I could find them without looking.

And because I’d probably not even bother using the straps, we added good-sized Velcro® to seal the flap for instant security. And of course we sewed the Velcro® on twice, because neither you nor I like the Velcro® to ever detach itself.

Suggestion: after having a previous beloved shoulder bag stolen in Quito’s airport…

Unsnap the shoulder strap of your Intrepid or any other bag, at one end, secure it to the arm of the chair or such, and snap it closed again.

We who place the strap of our bag or purse over the back of our chair make it too easy for a snatch-and-run thief."

The Tilley INTREPID III Bag in Waxed Nylon

Item #AD02
Price: $268.00 USD
Inspired by a well worn WWII utility bag, the Tilley Intrepid III Bag is equipped with 5 secured pockets, wide and deep enough to hold a 13” laptop, wallet, keys, glasses and much more. Each bag carries a brass plate with a registration number that can be registered with Tilley. In case the bag is ever lost, we'll try and connect the owner with the finder.
Why is it called the Intrepid III? Through some hard lessons we learned how to improve each version of the bag. Our goal is your satisfaction.
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Select a Color : Tan
Sizing is Canadian. For sizing conversions, please see our Sizing Guide Select your size


    • Each shoulder bag carries a unique brass plate with a registration number that can be registered with Tilley
    • Interior has enough capacity for a 13" laptop
    • Main interior section - 6" wide, 4" long and 13" deep
    • One Velcro®-sealed inside pocket – 12” wide and 10” deep
    • One zippered pocket on inside flap - 9" wide and 7 1/2" high
    • Interior key fob clip
    • One tapered side pocket with snap closure – 3 1/2" width tapers to 5 1/2” width and 5 1/2" deep
    • One tapered smart phone sized side pocket with Velcro®-closure – 4 1/2” width tapers to 5 1/2" width and 4 1/2" deep
    • One back pocket with snap closure - 12" wide and 9" high
    • Leather handle
    • Adjustable shoulder strap with removable leather shoulder pad - adjust from 30" to 50"
    • Secure the front down with two buckled leather straps and/or Velcro® under flap
    • Strap features sturdy clips with rotating joints
    • Waxed nylon trimmed with vegetable tanned Italian leather
    • Comes with owner's manual
    • The Intrepid bag is hand-made in Toronto, Canada and only a few are made each week. It's well worth the wait!
    Weight: 1.1 kilos; capacity about 14.5 litres
    Size: 14" length, 13" height and 6" width


    • The Intrepid III is made from 100% waxed nylon.
    • The 100% leather trim is vegetable tanned and finished and 'aged' in Italy to give it that old-world, well-worn feeling.


    • Spot wash but do not use soap on the leather. The leather is prepared so it will not become brittle or cracked. Any type of oil or wax on the leather is not recommended.

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  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    This bag is amazingly versatile

    I have been eyeing this bag for quite some time and I couldn't justify paying $268 for it. Anyway, I give up and decided to get it. It has been a month since I got the bag and it has been my companion ever since. I took it to a day trip, overnight trip and even to the gym as my gym bag. The thing I like the most about this bag is the capacity and the ease of getting stuff out of it. I even have my Canon 5D Mark 2 with 24-105 lens attached and used it as a camera bag. I am not disappointed or regretting the amount of money I paid for it. It is worth the money I paid for it.

    Mario Javier ( Oakville, Ontario, Canada )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    This Bag is Brilliant

    I just got back from 5 weeks touring around Europe and the UK with this bag. It has turned out to be pretty much perfect, and I absolutely love it. I rarely took it off, and I had it full of stuff constantly. The size and choice of materials are ideal. This is now my go-to bag for everything. The only possible issue I could find is that the press stud on the back seems to be starting to pull out from the fabric slightly, but considering how much I've been using it so far, it doesn't appear to be too much of a problem. (Even if it does end up pulling right out, it'd be a simple task to have a new stud fitted [with some more backing]). I highly recommend this bag.

    Scott Dierikx ( Umina Beach, NSW, Australia )

  • Rating:
     ( 4 )

    So far so good

    I love the look of this bag, but was initially cautious about the high (for me) price tag. But having owned Tilley hats for years, plus experiencing first hand their excellent customer service, I had full confidence in their quality, and so I ordered one. It was delivered here (Australia) very quickly, and I have to say it really seems to be every bit as good as I thought it'd be. The smell and feel of the Italian leather is sumptuous. Slightly smaller than I imagined, but certainly big enough to fit all the crap I usually cart around (including iPad, MacBook & a mulitutde of other paraphernalia). I reckon any bigger would ruin it's classic style. The acid test comes next week, when I go holidaying through Europe with the family for about a month. I'll post another review after that, but I suspect this bag will prove to be up to Tilley's usual standard (i.e. exceptional). Stay tuned.

    Scott Dierikx ( Umina Beach, NSW, Australia )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    excellent tool

    I have a number of medical issues. This bag makes it easier to travel and mine has been to Europe and the US. It is not counted as a carry-on so it can stay with you on a flight. Besides travel this bag goes everywhere with me. I would not want to be without it.

    Jim Anderson ( Waterloo, Ontario, Canada )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    Intrepid, My Daily Friend in Costa Rica!

    The Intrepid was my daily friend for my first trip to Costa Rica six months ago. Whatever job I gave it, it was there for me! When I needed to, I carried my MacBook Air comfortably inside it. And a 2-liter Coca-Cola Light (Diet Coke) bottle plus mangos and chayotes were no problem to carry after shopping. Costa Rica's heavy coins, colones, dropped into the side snap pocket, ready for retrieval for the city buses. When I carried my passport, it fit neatly and securely in the zippered pocket on the top flap. And on planes, it was my smaller carry-on. I am back in Costa Rica now, and either on my shoulder or carrying it by its handy strap, it's a dependable friend. Thanks, Tilley!

    Thomas Kloecker ( , , )