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“While hanging out at the hotel pool with my dad (both of us wearing Tilley), I noticed that the beer was getting warm. My dad got up to get ice, but couldn’t find any buckets so he improvised and used his Tilley. The Tilley Airflo® Hat had ample room to carry more than enough ice and the mesh worked well to let the excess water run out. Best of all, after dumping the ice in the cooler, the Tilley was nice and cool when back on his head. Maybe this is not your normal deep jungle solution, but not that shabby for urban lazy guys.”


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TTWC Tec-Wool Cap

Price: $79.00 USD
Three seasons of comfort. Your new best friend in the cold. The lightweight Tilley Tec-Wool Cap combines warmth and good looks with c_change fabric technology and tuckaway earwarmers. The c_change membrane is bonded to the fabric and reacts to changing body temperatures, ensuring constant comfort.

NEW Brown/Black Herringbone.
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Select a Color : Grey/Black Herringbone
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    • Guaranteed for life not to wear out
    • Insured against loss
    • C-Change™ technology for 'temperature control' comfort
    • Unique tuckaway ear warmers
    • Treated for rain and snow repellency
    • Secret pocket
    • Size Equalization Device for fit
    • Dry cleanable

      Weighs 4.2 ounces


    • For materials, we selected a warm and durable blend of 75% wool, 19% polyester and 6% polyurethane in Black Mix and 91% wool, 9% polyurethane in Grey/Black Herringbone pattern. Both are made with a bonded c_change membrane manufactured by Schoeller® Switzerland.
    • The c_change membrane is bonded to the wool exterior and reacts to changing body temperatures. The membrane 'closes' when exposed to cold air and 'opens' in response to warmth, allowing air to escape.
    • We hand-sew each Hat using very strong thread; all seams are lock-stitched so they won't unravel. All Hats are made with such care and dedication that one is as good as another.


    • Dry clean only.

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  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    happy with new purchase

    I just took delivery of this hat and am thrilled with the style, comfort and coverage this hat provides. However, I'm glad that I went up 1 size from what the sizing guide recommends as the larger size just fits nice.

    ( Hamilton, Ontario, Canada )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    Best hat!

    Bought this cap and finally something that fits properly. Would prefer of the ear flaps had a couple of snaps to keep them in place when not being used. Materials used are excellent and I can see me using this for years. If only the made a summer weight cap in the same style...........

    Colin Monteith ( North York, Ontario, Canada )

  • Rating:
     ( 3 )

    What's with the ear warmers.

    This hat would look marvellous in black. Putting that aside, I have to implore Tilley to put ear warmers, like the kind on the Tilley Winter Hat, on the Tec-Wool Cap. The ear warmers on this cap are not comfortable and when using them, it looks like you have a pair of your wife's black underwear draped over your head. I understand why they may have to put this type of ear warmer on the Ivy Cap; there is less room. Put there is plenty of space in the Tec-Wool Cap for proper ear warmers such as those in the Winter Hat. I also agree with the other review that stated the exterior of the ear warmers should be made out of the same material as the rest of the hat exterior. That would make them the hat look good even when the ear warmers are in use. Now that would be a hat that could boast both excellent looks and functionality. Mike, Ottawa Region

    Michael Jacobs ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 4 )

    Almost Great

    I recently bought the Tec-Wool Cap. This is the second article of Tilley winter headgear that has come into my possession. I have been wearing the Tilley Winter Hat for several years now and I am very fond of it. I think the Tec-Wool Cap can learn a couple of things from the Winter Hat. Firstly, I agree with some of the other reviews that there should be a choice of colours. I love the tweedy deep and dark charcoal grey of my Winter Hat. In my opinion, all winter hats should be this colour. But, if a hat is going to be brown, the Tec-Wool Cap is the right shade. My friends and family that have seen the Cap like the colour. What truly annoys me about the Cap are the ear flaps. The ear flaps on the Winter Hat are much nicer. The Cap should absolutely have ear flaps with the same outside fabric as the rest of the exterior. The Winter Hat ear flaps match the rest of the exterior, are nicely lined and are much more comfortable. The way the ear flaps of the Winter Hat are attached is probably what makes them more comfortable. While others do not mind the colour of the Cap, nobody seems to like the ear flaps. People think they are uncomfortable and some of the comments I have heard include "weird" and "cheap looking". I still like the Cap very much though. But I would like it in the same colour as my Tilley Winter Hat, although this is a minor quibble. What truly bothers me about this hat are the ear flaps. The ear flaps should have the same exterior fabric and lining as the rest of the Cap and be attached in the same way as they are on the Winter Hat. This hat could be great, but even with it's faults, it is still a good one.

    Ben Young ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 3.5 )

    why only brown?

    Finally a good looking winter cap. But why only in one color? what about navy blue or black?

    Issam Darwiche ( Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada )

World's Best?


    Your Hat is guaranteed for life (yours, mine or its) not to wear out or fall apart. We're delighted to think that yours may be passed on to the next generation!

    With your Hat, you'll be provided with "The Straight-Shooter's Statement of Loss of a Tilley Hat" insurance policy. The insurance is for two years, all perils, 50% deductible, and is not issued by Lloyds.

    We understand the anguish of losing this reliable companion, or of having your dog terminally gnaw it. Should that happen, we'll replace your late, lamented Tilley at half the current catalogue price.

    They neatly tuckaway inside the Cap, ready to be flipped down in cold and windy conditions.

    The fabric has been treated for rain and snow repellency.

    Discreetly placed in the rear of the Cap, these Velcro® elasticized tabs can be adjusted for best fit.

    Inside the crown is a good-sized pocket sealed with Velcro®. In it, carry your I.D., hotel key, $10 bill (in your case, a $20), plus 50¢ for an emergency phone call.

    This device helps adjust the size to a comfortable fit when the ear warmers are in use.


    Those who wear Tilleys usually have innate good taste, creative minds and uncommon intelligence. Everybody knows that! And the Hats serve to identify such people to each other - immediately.

    Because of these exceptional yet shared traits, virtually always, especially in foreign countries, Tilley wearers greet each other. Friendships have been formed because of the Hat, and that can be the nicest thing of all.