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“I’m wearing my Tilley Hat while hiking the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail. I’m currently only half way done. Thanks again for being part of such an awesome company. P.S. I also rock Tilley Socks ;-)”


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TIC1 Tilley Ivy Cap

Item TIC1
Price: $79.00 USD
Three seasons of comfort. The textured wool Tilley Ivy Cap combines warmth and good looks with unique and practical tuckaway ear warmers. Designed with contemporary styling, it is ideal for outdoor adventure.

NEW Brown/Black Herringbone pattern in c_change™ fabric technology from Schoeller® Switzerland.
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    • Guaranteed for life not to wear out
    • Insured against loss
    • Unique tuckaway ear warmers
    • Treated for rain and snow repellency
    • Secret pocket
    • Size Equalization Device for fit
    • Dry cleanable
    • Made in Canada
    Weighs: 4 ounces


    • For materials, we selected a warm and durable blend of 91% wool, 9% polyurethane in Grey/Black Herringbone and Brown/Black Herringbone and 75% wool, 19% polyester and 6% polyurethane in Black Mix . The Red Buffalo Plaid is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon.
    • Our Caps are made with a bonded c_change membrane manufactured by Schoeller® Switzerland. The c_change membrane is bonded to the wool exterior and reacts to changing body temperatures. The membrane 'closes' when exposed to cold air and 'opens' in response to warmth, allowing air to escape.
    • Our Caps in Grey/Black Herringbone and Brown/Black Herringbone are made with a bonded c_change membrane manufactured by Schoeller® Switzerland. The c_change membrane is bonded to the wool exterior and reacts to changing body temperatures. The membrane 'closes' when exposed to cold air and 'opens' in response to warmth, allowing air to escape.


    • Dry clean only.

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  • Rating:
     ( 2 )

    Liked the previous incarnation better

    I had a previous version of this cap, (bought sometime around 2003 in Cold Spring, NY) which I absolutely loved. It travelled with me throughout the U.S., Poland, Sweden, Japan, and South Korea. It was one of my favorite possessions in the world, stylish, warm, and versatile. Unfortunately it was stolen (along with a completely filled journal!) I asked for a replacement for Christmas 2012, and after living with the newer version of the cap for just over a year, I regret to report that it just doesn't fit the bill like the original. While the build quality is still superb, the fit and features are not as nice. It feels more like it sits on top of my head instead of snugging down onto my head. The ear flaps in the previous version had a thinner material sewn immediately above the sweatband, and a thicker material over the ears, which allowed it to stay tucked up out of sight when not in use. The ear flaps on the newer version are sewn at the bottom edge of the sweatband, making the edge feel bulky and insecure on my head, and they constantly roll down, making them partially visible (very tacky) when they're supposed to be tucked out of the way. Finally, the older version was useful in all conditions. It breathed well and yet was also warm and completely comfortable, from a toasty pub at the base of Mt Fuji to the freezing temperature at the summit. The newer version suffocates my head, and is too warm in all but the coldest conditions. I am sad to say it spends more time in my satchel than on my head. I sure wish I still had the original.

    Mark Hayes ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 4.5 )

    Love it

    I love this hat, the style, the fabric, the color it's great. THe Brown Mix is great because it's dark enough where it could go with black or brown. My only issue is the L,XL,2XL sizing. I would love to see this had with the numbered sizes.

    Ben Orner ( Irmo, South Carolina, United States )

  • Rating:
     ( 4.5 )

    Fantastic Winter Hat

    I really love this hat. I wore it all winter - nearly every day. The ear flaps are amazing - they really help on cold breezy mornings. It's very comfortable to wear too. It looks great with everything and so many people commented on it. Fantastic hat. Just love it.

    Joe Radman ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 3.5 )

    Toasty Cap

    This cap kept me warm walking to and from work all winter. The only two drawbacks were mentioned in another review. The thin material covering the ears provided little protection from cold breezes, yet it kept my cap from flying off on very windy days since it wrapped around my ears. I was more disappointed with the unsecured sweatband on the front of the cap. I always have to double check to make sure that the band is tucked away enough not to show to passersby. Even with those drawbacks, I still love the look of this cap.

    John Corrado ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    A Perfect Cap

    What a beautiful and great fitting cap. I love the material and warmth. It goes great with a suit or top coat.

    Terry Tillis ( Charleston, Illinois, United States )

  • Rating:
     ( 3 )

    Good hat

    Like the hat. It fits my large head which is a big reason I buy Tilley's. It keeps my head warm very nicely. Ear flaps are great except in high winds. The wind goes right through the material. Also, I'm slightly disappointed in the finish of the hat. A seam in the back of the hat is not perpendicular to the base of the hat and looks poorly sewn. The sweat band in the front is not sewn into the hat at the top and can slip down on the forehead again giving it a poorly sewn/made look. Overall a good had though.

    James Jackson ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    Great Hat!

    I love wearing this hat. It's comfortable and keeps my head very warm. The hidden ear flaps are a bonus that you won't find in any other Ivy Cap-

    Slip Kidd ( , , )

World's Best?


    Your Hat is guaranteed for life (yours, mine or its) not to wear out or fall apart. We're delighted to think that yours may be passed on to the next generation!

    With your Hat, you'll be provided with "The Straight-Shooter's Statement of Loss of a Tilley Hat" insurance policy. The insurance is for two years, all perils, 50% deductible, and is not issued by Lloyds. We understand the anguish of losing this reliable companion, or of having your dog terminally gnaw it. Should that happen, we'll replace your late, lamented Tilley at half the current catalogue price.

    They neatly tuckaway inside the Hat, ready to be flipped down in cold and windy conditions.

    To make the Ivy Cap rain and snow repellent, we've coated the wool.

    Inside the crown is a good-sized pocket sealed with Velcro®. In it, carry your I.D., hotel key, $10 bill (in your case, a $20), plus 50¢ for an emergency phone call.

    This device helps adjust the size to a comfortable fit when the ear warmers are in use.

    Those who wear Tilleys usually have innate good taste, creative minds and uncommon intelligence. Everybody knows that! And the Hats serve to identify such people to each other - immediately. Because of these exceptional yet shared traits, virtually always, especially in foreign countries, Tilley wearers greet each other. Friendships have been formed because of the Hat, and that can be the nicest thing of all.