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You said it

“ While traveling in the US Southwest, my husband and I were on a boat trip on Lake Powell in Utah. The boat was traveling about 20 knots in a remote area of the lake when my husband went to adjust the strap on his Tilley Hat, the wind caught it and it was regrettably out of sight within seconds. A few days later our house-sitters emailed us that they had received a phone call from a camper who had found the hat floating on the lake close to his remote camp site. Fortunately my husband had taken the time to write his name and phone number on the inside of the hat when he purchased it. We called our ‘Good Samaritan’ and he mailed the hat back to Canada. After a 2000-mile journey and being immersed in a lake for several days, the hat after a wash and dry looks and fits as good as new!”


North Saanich , British Columbia

Certified UV Protection

Practice Safe Sun® – Use your head to protect your skin!

We work closely with researchers to select fabrics that will minimize travellers’ exposure to the sun from head to toe, protecting them from damaging rays without putting a damper on their activities. Look for the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) certification on our hats and clothing. We need to use our head to protect our skin; SLIP on a shirt (one with a collar, long sleeves and a high UPF rating provides the best protection. Don’t forget your bottom half!), SLOP on a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 and SLAP on a broad-brimmed UPF 50+ hat.

Unlocking the UPF Code

Fabrics are assigned a UPF rating number and a protection category depending upon how much UV radiation they block out.

UPF 15-24 is “GOOD” UV protection, blocking out at least 93.3% UV radiation.

UPF 25-39 is “VERY GOOD” UV protection, blocking at least 96% of UV radiation.

UPF 40-50+ is “EXCELLENT” UV protection, blocking 97.5% or more UV radiation.

UPF50+ is the MAXIMUM rating given.

Tilley fabric has been tested according to international standards ASTM D6544 and labelled to ASTM D6603.

The following Hats are certified with UPF protective fabric:

  • All Tilley Summer Hats are rated UPF 50+.
  • All Tilley Winter Hats are rated UPF 50+.
  • All Kid Toppers (Hats for young children) are rated UPF 50+.