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“ I bought my first Tilley Hat in the fall of 2010. It is a Tilley Charcoal Winter Hat and I immediately ‘fell in love with it’. I loved the feel of the material and its perfect fit on my head. During the next few months, as we passed from our normal chilly fall into a very cold winter, the Tilley Winter Hat constantly kept my head and ears warm. Regardless of the temperature, the strength of the wind, the amount of snow or rain, my head was dry and very comfortable. Everywhere I go, I receive compliments on the style, look, design and feel of the Tilley Winter Hat. The soft brim enables me to wear the hat while photographing outdoors, but it isn’t too soft to lose the beautiful stylish look. I enjoyed the hat so much that I bought a lighterweight hat to wear in the spring. A Tilley Hat is now a standard part of my attire and I plan to purchase a third Tilley Hat for the upcoming hot summer days.”


Beaver Falls , Pennsylvania

R8 Women's Broad Brim Raffia Hat

Item R8
Price: $105.00 USD
The R8 Tilley Hat is designed with a broad brim. Edged with dark brown piping, decorated with a braided hatband, finished in a shoestring bow and practical wind cord, this Hat has stylish appeal while offering excellent sun protection. The brim can be worn turned up or worn turned down. Add a scarf for another look.
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Select a Color : Natural With Brown Piping
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    • Insured against loss
    • Excellent sun protection, rated UPF 50+
    • Repels rain
    • Ties on in the wind
    • Secret pocket
    • 4-page Owner's Manual
    • Packable
    • Not Guaranteed for Life
    • Broad brim
    • Brim size: 4 ¼" all around
      Weighs 5.6 ounces


    • Made from 100% Madagascar raffia.
    • The fabric of all Tilley Hats have been certified to block 98 percent of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and deliver an ultraviolet factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating given.
    • You still need SPF 30 sunscreen and sunglasses with UV filters! Children especially need the UV filters in their sunglasses as non-filtering glasses will increase the size of their pupils, allowing even more of the damaging UV rays to enter. This often causes cataracts and retinal problems later in life and has happened in my (Alex Tilley's) own family.
    • Please don't pick the "picks" on the Raffia Hats! "Picks" in the Raffia braid may appear over time as the Hat is worn. These "picks" are natural and should not be trimmed. Trimming the braid or trimming threads too close to the braid can cause the braid or stitching to unravel.


    • The Hat can be spot-cleaned with a soft dampened cloth but not washed. At the front of the hat there is a removable Hydrofil® forehead sweatband that wicks moisture away to keep you cool. The removable sweatband can be hand washed in warm water and soap and air-dried.
    • In the event of creases, re-shape the hat by softly using your hands. Stubborn creases can be dealt with using steam. Leave it in the bathroom while you take a shower and then re-shape by hand. Another option is to hold it over a teakettle, allowing the steam to penetrate. Re-shape by hand and let dry. Be careful with the steam - it's very hot!

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    To protect you from the sun and rain, Tilleys fit lower than other hats. This also tends to give one a rather dashing appearance! For your comfort, they're held on by gravity, not painful pressure on your forehead. On a hot muggy day, you'll especially appreciate this!

    With your Hat, you'll be provided with "The Straight-Shooter's Statement of Loss of a Tilley Hat" insurance policy. The insurance is for two years, all perils, 50% deductible, and is not issued by Lloyds. We understand the anguish of losing this reliable companion, or of having your dog terminally gnaw it. Should that happen, we'll replace your late, lamented Tilley at half the current catalogue price.

    The fabric of all Tilley Hats have been certified to block 98 percent of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and deliver an ultraviolet factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating given.

    Yes, this Hat has been treated with a water resistant finish, but it is no sou’wester! The finish will probably give you enough protection to have time to find shelter, but raffia is not meant for a steady rain. We do, however, realize that Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so here are some tips on how to re-shape your Raffia Hat if it does get caught in that downpour! Raffia is pliable, so while it is still wet, re-shape the crown with your hands and stuff the crown with tissue, a towel or place it over a bowl. Smooth out the brim, and allow it to air-dry. Once dry, if you still have some creases use steam, or a damp cloth to smooth over. Try not to crush, or stuff your wet raffia Hat into a bag, etc. It will dry looking crushed! If that happens, simply wet the Hat again with a damp cloth, and follow the directions above.

    TIES ON:
    The Raffia Hat comes with an adjustable Wind Cord. When it's windy, you can snug up the chin cord using the toggle.

    See the Owner's Manual, which accompanies each Hat, for amplification. 4-PAGE OWNER'S MANUAL:
    I think you'll find it a good read. It's available in either English or French.

    Soft and comfortable, it picks up sweat from your forehead and wicks it away to your temple area where it evaporates. The removable sweatband piece can be hand washed in warm water and soap and air-dried.

    Inside the crown is a good-sized pocket sealed with Velcro®. In it, carry your I.D., hotel key, $10 bill (in your case, a $20), plus 50¢ for an emergency phone call.

    There are 8 of these in the Secret Pocket. You'll have fun with them; they can even get you into trouble, if you wish.

    Those who wear Tilleys usually have innate good taste, creative minds and uncommon intelligence. Everybody knows that! And the Hats serve to identify such people to each other - immediately. Because of these exceptional yet shared traits, virtually always, especially in foreign countries, Tilley wearers greet each other. Friendships have been formed because of the Hat, and that can be the nicest thing of all.