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We just took our Tilley Hats with us to New Orleans. My hemp Tilley shielded me from the burning rays of the sun, and protected me from a sudden downpour. AND, it even survived a mob-like stampede with me on the 4th of July. It never came off my head despite me coming off my feet. These are the best hats, and we love them with every beating inch of our Canadian hearts. Thanks, Tilley.


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Different Drummer Legends Outback Vest

Item #MA55
Price: $189.00 USD
Guaranteed for life not to wear out. Load it up! This Tilley vest has a whopping 12 pockets in total, most either zipper or Velcro®-sealed. Complete with a waist adjustment tab for comfort and D-ring for hanging sunglasses or keys. This is a unisex item with measurements in men's sizing.
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    • Guaranteed for Life not to wear out
    • Outside the vest: four front Velcro®-sealed pockets with expansion pleats, two zippered pockets and two hand warming pockets
    • Inside the vest: two large Velcro®-sealed expansion pockets, one Velcro®-sealed cell phone pocket, one medium Velcro®-sealed multi-use pocket and a pen pocket
    • Zippered front closure
    • Waist adjustment tab
    • Centre back length: 26 1/2"
    • Unisex style - Measurements in men's sizing


    • Made from 100% wind resistant nylon and treated for water and stain repellency, Different Drummer Legends items are Guaranteed For Life not to wear out. The lifetime guarantee against wearing out means rubbing a hole through an item of clothing, through abrasion. Different Drummer Legends will virtually never wear out, and if they do we'll replace them free. Can you rip on a nail or such? You may, but they are very strong. And if you do, we'll patch them as economically for you as possible.
    • Fabric certified “EXCELLENT” UV protection - UPF 50+, the maximum rating given.
    • This fabric has been tested and certified as providing ultraviolet protection. For more information on sun protection and the fabric testing please see: A Fashionable Defense- Sun Protection from Head to Toe.


    • Wash 'n' wear. Air-dries overnight. Only the fussiest would iron. Clothing air-dries more quickly if wrung out within an absorbent towel after hand washing. Tilley clothing benefits from being smoothed out and drip-dried on hangers in a well-ventilated area after being hand washed.
    • Machine wash cold or hand wash cool. You can choose to either tumble dry on low or smooth out wrinkles and hang to dry. If desired, iron using a low setting. To retain the water and stain repellency features, do not bleach, do not dry clean and do not use fabric softeners. If washing with other items, wash with like colours.

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  • Rating:
     ( 4.5 )

    Perfection (almost)

    Great weight for the summer worn over t-shirt, perfect under winter coat for shooting pics in snow. Can't live without it. More colours would be a perfect 5.

    Ken Faught ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 3.5 )

    It isn't as good as the V.O.M.P.

    I have worn (and worn out) the V.O.M.P. since the early 1992. I have loved the multi-function use of the V.O.M.P. Around 2002, my wife discovered cruising. The V.O.M.P. continued to be my ideal travel clothing of choice, but I discovered that it was VERY warm in southern climates such as Mexico, Panama, Aruba, etc. I purchased the Different Drummer Legends Outback Vest as replacement to wear in warm weather climates, in place of the V.O.M.P. The vest offers lots of pockets and carrying options. It is also cooler than the V.O.M.P, and physically lighter. While the vest has been useful for me, and I would not want to be seen as maligning a Tilley product, I still do not find it as useful or as comfortable as the V.O.M.P. 1) There are not as many pockets as the V.O.M.P. 2) The two zippered pockets have velcro inside them that "double secure" the pocket. While I belive that this was done to create a layer of security I fine that it simply becomes a nuisance when trying to access the pocket. As well, unless you make certain to line up the velcro when you close the pocket the vest can become twisted. 3) Unlike the V.O.M.P, the zipper pocket is not designed to hold small items like keys, the pocket extends all the way to the bottom edge of the interior of the vest. This then causes difficulty if you already have items in the lower flap pockets 4) I carry a Digital SLR around my neck, and the absence of a collar has resulted in my neck chaffing from the camera strap. 5) find that the two breast pockets are situated low on the front and as I tend to carry heaver items or bulkier items in them,that it cause the vest to pull forward and/or get caught on my camera strap. 6) All the pockets on this vest are billowed, which allows you to put more items in the pockets - and I tend to over-stuff pockets. As a result, however, this vest does not has tailored an appearance as the V.O.M.P. making it a more casual wear item. If you are looking for something to allow you to have a few extra pockets without being heavy and bulky, this it the vest to buy. If you are looking for a highly versatile vest, then I would recommend the V.O.M.P.

    Trevor Liskowich ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    The vest is GREAT!!

    I wear this vest daily and i pack all my stuff with me.So I am never without my stuff. I also were it to work and i drill blastholes for a living and thsi vest stands up to the test!! I will be buying another...Also love the hats!!

    Bradly Moore ( Winnemucca, Nevada, United States )