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The TH4 has endured everything from scorching sunshine for well over twenty hours a day during trips to the far north of Norway to dramatic thunderstorms in the Baltic Sea.


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Coolmax® Extreme Boxer

Item #TU28
Price: $32.00 USD
Two pair will take you around the world! Fast-drying and sweat-defying, they will neither chafe nor bind. These Coolmax® Extreme boxers wick away perspiration better than cotton to keep you cooler and drier in the summer and warmer in the winter. One pair per package.
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    • Stain, odour and bacteria resistant fabric
    • Dries fast - wash at night, it's dry in the morning
    • Wicking action speeds moisture away.
    • Lightweight and long-wearing - it keeps its shape and appearance
    • Secret pocket - sorry guys, we tried


    • Made from 100% CoolMax® Extreme polyester fabric.


    • Simply wash and wear, or hand-wash in a hotel sink, twist in a towel and hang to dry. Ready to wear by morning. Do not bleach and do not use fabric softeners, as this will inhibit the wicking capabilities of the fabric.

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  • Rating:
     ( 3 )

    Comfy but the elastic slips

    Yes. They do everything that is advertised. They are very comfy, wicking and dry fast, which I find useful when traveling. But after a few years of infrequent use, the elastic went, until they were falling down so badly, I had to run into a shop and buy a replacement pair between meetings.

    Christopher Miller ( , , United Kingdom )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    have worn them a long time

    Never have i had anything bad to say about the fit, size, or material...they have always been what i expect from tilley top notch!!!

    Kevin McConnell ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 5 )

    Over a year

    I was surprised to read a negative review and thought I would share my experience. I have two pairs and have worn them ( washer/hang dry) for over a year, They are very comfortable and always my "first choice". They still look brand new.

    Andrew Macdonald ( Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada )

  • Rating:
     ( 1 )

    Watch out for Sizing!

    Sizing is smaller than for Travel Boxer Briefs. I was able to order my regular size in Travel Boxer Briefs. Same size in Coolmax Extreme was too small to wear comfortably both in the hips and in the stride. Seems like they would have been nice if I could have worn them, That's why they get a star. Get the Travel Briefs instead.

    Richard Saunders ( Dallas, Texas, United States )

  • Rating:
     ( 4 )

    Smooth, real smooth...

    One of life's personal pleasures

    Roy Sedgwick ( , , )

  • Rating:
     ( 4 )

    Really comfy

    These are really comfy but give yourself enough time to find what you have to the first few times if you're upgrading from briefs. The black ones need a few soaks in warm water by themselves a few times before use - the water will be jet black. Overnight drying even wringing them in a towel is unlikely, they'll be damp but by midday should be OK. The material is so light you can stuff spares in your pocket. Nice and smoothy feel to your body, with a sizing you'll swear was made just for you, a real pleasure to wear.

    Roy Sedgwick ( , , )